Nick LaFalce picked up a guitar at age six and never looked back - next was his father's drum set, then his mother's piano, the saxophone in gradeschool, and plenty more along the way, including a degree in Music Theory and Composition. From there, LaFalce played in numerous bands throughout New York City (namely Brooklyn mainstays BRAEVES and Terrible Terrible), but they all ended the same way:

“I’ve been kicked out of enough bands to finally take the hint”, laughs LaFalce, 28. “You realize that if you have a vision for something, rather than forcing collaboration with others, you just need to trust and rely on yourself to make it happen."  

So atlas engine was born.

And while writing, performing, and producing everything on a record is no small task, LaFalce's liberation manifests as a central theme of his debut EP, aptly titled ‘after the end’. "atlas engine has given me total freedom, and that's what a lot of the record is about in one way or another: a newfound freedom from the past." 

The six-track EP opens with the single “Everest”, setting the tone early with stadium-sized leads, atmospheric textures, and pulsating drums. This energy flows right into “This is the Place”, a perfect display of LaFalce’s virtuosity, as each instrument is carefully utilized to propel driving verses into anthemic choruses, only before taking a sudden left turn into something heavier. “Ghost on the Shore” carries a more soulful tone, showcasing smooth falsettos, electronic infusions, and haunting production. Once again, LaFalce pulls an ace out his sleeve as the trance methodically crafted over the first two minutes swells and builds until exploding into a heavy-hitting release. Things pick back up with “Take Me Away”, where LaFalce’s signature mixture of bombastic drums and cascading guitars shines the brightest. “Wild Orchard”, a mid-tempo folk tune paired with odd-metered syncopation and three-part vocal harmonies, lends another glimpse into atlas engine's vast array of influences. The EP closes with “Out from the Ashes”, a mid-tempo catharsis brimming with smooth falsettos and lush arrangements, serving as a somber ode to the rebirth that we’ve experienced take place. 

"Spectacular. Beautiful. Entrancing." - Impose Magazine

“Skillfully crafted…stunning melodies” - AudioFemme

"Put your headphones on or plug in your speakers, close your eyes and pretend you’re anywhere but here." - The Wild Honey Pie

“Epic, bombastic…for fans of Arcade Fire, Local Natives, and Of Monsters and Men…be aware of this project” – PopSoup



Press: Kevin Mockford, Parachute Publicity